O-rings can be custom made to fit your engineered gland, and when a custom designed o-ring is applied in a properly designed gland, it will seal against a variety of high temperatures (high temperature o-rings), cryogenic conditions, and chemicals.

O-rings and seals are used in a variety of static and dynamic applications, and can complement gaskets and other sealing devices. Common o-rings include Fluoroelastomers o-rings (FKM), Silicone o-rings (SIR/VMQ), Nitrile Butadiene o-rings (NBR), EPDM o-rings, Styrene butadiene o-rings (SBR) and Chloroprene o-rings (CR), O-rings are available in sizes to fit most sealing applications, and o-ring sizes can be found in KinTat O-ring list. 


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