Company Profile

Kintat Rubber Technology Ltd, a well known rubber mold-maker and components manufacturer in Hong Kong, started its successful business in the year 1969 in a small workshop at Kowloon city, the company grown together with vibrating but rewarding economy through the craftsmanship of rubber mold and the precised quality of the rubber parts they made.

While the world economy grew and the business expended, the market also asked for more: a larger production capacity, a tighter dimension tolerances, and more and more safety requirements. In the year 1992, the company decided to expend their factory and later on moved the production plant to Mainland China.

Our China factory located in a southern city called Jiangmen, in the Guangdong area, at first, certified with ISO9001, then ISO14001, later on ISO16949 for the company's automobile parts, and ISO13485 for medical silicone parts, Kintat also established a 100,000 Class Clean Room, and recently a FDA Production Workshop. The factory can produce their own rubber and silicone compounds, also their in-house mold workshop not only able to make compression and injection tools, also are one of the very first which can craft the Liquid silicone injection mold with a cold runner system.

At the time EU regulations brings up RoHs, REACH, and the market increasingly concerns on product safety, like many enterprise which are willing to go for a prudence manner, Kintat believes that beside a strict control of incoming material selection, there should be more, so the company established an internal laboratory for internal testing, with Infra-red spectrum analysis and RoHS analysis capacity, to make sure the quality of the rubber and silicone components they made are able to comply with RoHs, REACH, FDA, LFGB or other requirements listed.

We do not only aim to fulfill your needs, we endeavour to exceed !



Global Experience:

Manufacturing for leading Rubber Products and Molds Company. Global marketing over 40 years.

Hong Kong Corporation / China Operation:

Providing the optimum in communications, logistics, an established legal framework management and controls.

Qualified Manufacturing Environment:

Class 100,000 clean room, FDA control room, Liquid Injection room facilities and Hong Kong-Guangdong Cleaner Production Excellent Partner (Manufacturing)

High Quality:

ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, ISO13485, ISO14001, BS 6920, BS EN 681-1:1996, FDA and LFGB, compliance with RoHS, REACH & PAHs requirements.


Sophisticated project management to ensure timely delivery and quality control.